Saturday, March 28

70th Bohemian Chic

Probably the most obvious thing about S/S 2015 fashion is a fact, that everyone is going crazy about 70-ies with it's flares, hats, hippies and boho. For me personally it's not a big thing - I prefer feminine silhouette and red lipstick of 50th and A-shape dresses with a bold black eye liners of 60th. But sometimes life is going beyond personal preferences and you need to deal with a current fashion trends even if you don't like them. Especially if you are working in fashion or fashion retail, :)

Some time ago I had a chance to visit a very interesting and inspirational exhibition at Fashion and Textile museum in London. To be honest, it was a first time a heard about Thea Porter. She is not so super famous designer, but she did something very important introducing Middle-Asian style into European fashion and inventing a boho style.

Saturday, January 25

Winter in London or Lee Valley Regional Park


Not look like a winter landscape, isn't it? Honestly, I took these pictures in the very beginning of winter. But now is the end of January, the landscape is not changed at all - parks are still full of fallen leaves, trees are full of berries and even flowers!

Lee Valley Regional park is a largest park in London, running through north of London, Essex, Hertfordshire. Happily, this park (or rather part of this park) is just around the corner from my place. And I am waiting for spring when I'll be able to start jogging in the mornings there. This park is ideal place and for lover of more serious sport. For example, you can take lessons of skating, golf, tennis or water sports. Also it is perfect place for walking, fishing or meditation. This time I choose my favourite way of meditation - meditation with camera in my hands :)


Saturday, January 18

My lazy Saturdays


For some reason only on Saturday my mode is changing to the "lazy". And I can't do nothing important, only pleasant. And every Sunday I am lying in mybed till midday, reading blogs, chatting with relatives and friends via Skype, reading newspapers picked up in London underground on my way home from work during the week...But at the evening I always start feeling bad about unrealised plans of the day... So, perhaps it's time just to stop make plans on this day and just enjoy my "lazy Saturdays". :)

My today's breakfast was also lazy - honey, yogurt and granola with nuts on top. And pita with Nutella for extra calories and for pheromone of happiness :)

Saturday, January 11

New Year in London


I started 2014 New Year listening the chiming of Big Ben of London and trying to find the place where to see the New Year fireworks. It was so crowded and loud on London streets and raining, of course. So, we opened our bottle of Moёt under the umbrella and went for a walk around City. It was my first New Year ‘s eve ever without snow. It was my first New Year‘s eve ever when Santa I met on the street was not from Lapland. And also it was my first New Year‘s eve ever when I didn‘t make a wish and didn‘t make a resolution for the next year. Because any Resolutions will not help to become better and any wishes, made on this particular eve will not definitely comes true. So I just relaxed and enjoyed my champagne and atmosphere in the City. Because magic is not in this particular moment of 12 a.m. on New Year’s eve, magic is in every day of life. And it‘s still 365 days , 8760 hours , 525600 minutes and 31536000 seconds , which can be spent on the execution of desires.


Friday, November 8

Amsterdam and its so different inhabitants


It’s Friday! And it’s so good! And because on Friday its usual to be in not-working-mood, I will not bore you with another long sightseeing, and offer to sit down in an a cozy chair, grab a cup of coffee and watch the people in Amsterdam. After all, people are the significant part of any city. They create a unique atmosphere, allocate particular city from the hundreds of others. Or maybe the city is the one, who "creates“ people? Changes , creates , rebuilds them for itself ? What do you think? :)

Sunday, November 3

Marken Stole My Heart


Marken stole my heart. Yes, I know, I’m always saying this, when I return from my trips. A piece of heart in Prague, a piece in Helsinki, Tartu, on the Saaremaa Island, even in Gdansk and Marienburg, and in Frankfurt and in Dietzenbach, of course.. as well as in Vilnius.. so much where, if be honest. But it’s normal, isn’t it? When we are making new friends, we also give them a piece of our heart. And new cities and places can be our new friend forever :)

Also, when I am in new nice place, I like to imagine what like would look my life , if I would live there. And in Marken, I think, it would be calm rural life with sunrise and sunset at the lighthouse, with a book on the beach, with a dip in the icy sea water up to September , with a bronze tan and bleached hair, a horse ridings and a plate of fresh mussels on dinner ... But I'm dreaming again. Let’s acquainted with the Marken.

Saturday, October 19

Sultry midday in Volendam


There are such small towns, in which you feel very cozy and quiet even despite the crowds of tourists. Volendam is exactly this kind of town. Rather, it’s not even town, it’s a former fishing village, but recently it became popular tourist attraction. And though the travel guides promise, that you’ll see the traditional Dutch life, you’ll not find here any authentic traditions. As indeed in all other tourist spots. But you are guaranteed an enjoyable day on the seaside, slow walking through souvenir’s shops and cozy gathering in small Dutch restaurants. And all this without going far away from Amsterdam.